Music no guns

George is one of the most Talented young people in Kibera,when I met him for the first time he looked very interesting; huge body , shaggy hair , destroyed teeth with black marks , all his dresses seemed to be smaller than his size , talking much and creating funny jokes, always in the company of ladies taking selfie photos with them, he is quit a character to interact with.

That Day I was supposed to record some scenes for our “Annual Kibera Sports and Arts Awards 2018 Initiative”. A short film highlighting factors that are making young people to engage in criminal activities in Kibera and other informal settlements in Nairobi ; following my request for the cast to search for a location I ended up in the hands of this George Guy…
It had rained the previous night and Kibera was soaking wet with red mud soil; my shoes which were white and sparkling clean turned to red the moment I had set my feet in Kibera. There were streams of dirty water pushing heaps of plastic bags that reduced my walking to leap, skip , hop , step and jump.

The corridors leading to Georges house was not isolate from it, as my interest was growing about seeing George’s house we stopped made a sharp turn in a kind of a shark house and George said you can just enter inside with your shoes..eeh!

In the opposite side there was a stream of stagnant dirty water and human fierce leaving a bad smell in the air the “Kibera Scent” I heard them call it that way.

We were kind enough and removed our shoes before entering the house; the house was half empty without a bed , Kerosene cooking stove , two fragile stools and old advertisement banners on the floor serving as floor carpet that only the devil knows where George had solicited them from.

Without wasting any time we did a quick introduction of ourselves and I explained to George the purpose and objective of using his shark house for our recording something which he took very positively.

We rolled out our sleeves and got to work, after recording two scenes outside one of the cast members told me to go take tea that George was offering us , there was bread and chapatis, some of my cast members were already drinking and eating , inside my mind I was struggling with my thoughts wondering where George works, how does he earn a living , why is he living in such a pathetic condition? How much does he pay for rent.He had no electricity saying it was cut few weeks ago due to his failure of paying the broker who had installed it. Where did he get money for chapatis, bread , sugar and tea??? This kind of things.

I took my tea very first then called George outside to know more about him , he told me that he was born in Kibera but din’t want to talk much about the family since he has no connection at all with them.

Interestingly, he told me that he is proud of what he is and of what he can do, he is a talented young man practicing music singing both hip-hop rap , playing traditional drums , base guitar and many others instruments and that he normally attends rehearsals with a local group in the neighborhood ; he his talented that the world need to listen to his music , I asked him to throw me free style rap on issues affecting him like many other young people in Kibera and he did it with ease as if he had rehearsed to do it for me.

He is committed to struggle with his God-given talent other than holding a gun and indulging into crime and criminal activities like many of his age mates in Kibera of whom he has seen being killed by mob justice and some by police.

Words Lyrics of George’s free style Rap yet to be recorded and used as sound track of a short film in the ” Annual Kibera Sports & Arts Awards 2018″. Initiative.

“Si complain again, because I am not new kwa game. Kw
a hii game wamecome juu ya fame ;mali na madem ; but nacome tu ka rally , ndio na sign out mimi sioni nikirudi ; nikiback nitaingia bila hodi,sina job na mimi sifilisiki juu ninamziki kwa damu; ma haters sitingisiki; nitarusha miziki kama mikiki ; Nas
ema mistari wanasema mimi sifiki. Silazima ucock gun ndio life isonge..chagua muziki sio Gun..yeah

“I am not complaining again, because I am not new in the game,
“In this game they have come for Fame, wealth and women , but I am coming like a rally ,Yes I am signing out and don’t think of coming back ;I will enter without knocking , I don’t have a job but not getting broke since I’ve got music in my blood, Haters i am not shaken , I will throw music like kicks , I say lines they say say I won’t reach,it’s not a must you cock a gun for your life to change;Choose strike music and don’t hold guns..yeah

Be part of the “Annual Kibera Sports & Arts Awards 2018”. transforming life of young people in Kibera through developing Skills and Talents in Arts and Sports for a sustainable development. For more information about the initiative contact email

Music No Guns


Friends Of Children Theatre & Arts Group

There is nothing so fascinating as a child growing up in the slums of Nairobi like Kibera, mathare , Korogocho , Huruma and many others . You choose to respect or not to respect or either respect whom you think deserves it , engaging Children and Youth in Arts and sporting activities have garnered results in affecting social and behavioral changes among children and youth making stars and celebrities from within thanks to the . “Annual Kibera Sports & Arts Awards 2018”. an initiative of Friends Of Children Theatre & Arts Group  Awarding outstanding persons , institutions and Organizations that are playing key role in Child and Youth development in the area in collaborating with the Green Card Mtaani a community based organization in Kibera educating , empowering Women, Children and Youth using Sports supported by   Raggi di Sole Onlus. Partner or Support the launch of the initiative for  march 2018 Kibera Nairobi.For inquiries contact James +254 725 023 972 or send an email



children in Kibera expressing their fears for the aftermath of the 2017 general elections.

June 16th 2017 was the celebrations of  “The day of the African child “.In Kibera the day began with a procession of up to 3000 children drawn from different schools in the area  walking from the Kibera County Offices Complex locally known as DC up to Undugu Grounds  ,the theme of the celebrations was “Accelerating protection,empowerment , and equal opportunity”. This day was inspired  in 1976 by the Soweto up-rising  in South Africa where many school children were killed by police after they staged a massive protest against the apartheid regime demanding equal rights and opportunities in education for  black children. However with regards to the fourth coming  2017 general elections in Kenya  children are expressing their fears for the aftermath referring to the ordeals of the 2007 – 2008 elections violence in Kenya .Immaculate soon as  it was announced in the radio that Kibaki was the winner of the disputed presidential elections “I was in school”, we were told to go home; on my way home there were many people running away for safety , houses were being torched and gunshots were all over , hell had broken loose .I din’t  know what to do , i met my mother and my brother carrying the little they could salvage from our house which had been burnt down by an unknown assailant because we come from the same tribe of the president ,hurriedly  we went to the Jamuhuri show ground and there we were engulf in a throng of people who had fled just like us. she continues .since the hall was already full we were provided with a makeshift tent . I never saw my father and other young men who use to live in the neighborhood to date ; every day we were visited by representative of NGOs donating food stuffs , clothes and other basic things ; taking many photos of us “I don’t want the situation to repeat again ; It was the end of my school life , I use to think that an orphan is a child without parents ..but the experience I went through in 2007 taught me that an orphan  is a child without a Country .  Elections Come and Go but Kibera will remain;  Raila Odinga , Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto are our Brothers , our Mother land is Kenya ..lets stay way from Aggressive politics and put our country before self interest . we are the future leaders and our time is now long live ..luo,kikuyu , luhya , kamba , nandi , maasai the list is long …God Bless Kenya!!!

African Child

Stories that changes child’s life

“Its common knowledge that that every child has a dream in life ; what they would like to be when they grow up  something that they often share with friends , peers , teachers , parents  and to some extend whoever enters into their innocent  lives.

This might sound good  but it is obvious that for children to achieve their ambitions in life there has to be a clear frame work that promotes “child Rights and responsibilities ” thanks to the United Nation’s Child Rights Convention UNCRC and the African Charter on the Rights of the Child and the Government of Kenya in particular  for the  resolutions and legislation  ensuring every child enjoys the freedom and privileges of childhood.

However despite all the measures put in place  there are still many isolated cases in the world where Children Rights and freedom have been and are being  trampled down ; thus with all  the due respect accorded  to the Rights and Freedom of the Child “Friends Of Children Theatre & Arts Group  which is a premier organization  with the objective of  nurturing and developing talents and skills of children living in and outside care (Children’s home in Kenya/informal settlements majorly known as slums)  hereby dedicate this post to publish and highlight some of the un-reported child abuse stories in Kenya especially those taking place in the slums of Kibera, Mathare and Huruma with the purpose of  seeking support from well-wishers and people of Goodwill in support of rescuing the victims   and reinstating them to normal life through empowerment in education and other forms of alternative family care such as foster care and adoption.

In this post Friends Of Children will be publishing at least 5 disturbing stories every week which will be in need of urgent attention beginning from 16/05/17…please feel free to be part of this noble cause that we procure a better future for our children and Nation